“Make it from Scratch” in 2021

baked baking chef dough

Happy New Year! Every year The Homestead chooses a theme to guide our workshops, learning goals and community work. For 2020 we chose the theme “Bridging the Gap” – though who could have imagined the massive gaps we would be bridging last year!

We are hitting the ground running in 2021 with our fresh new theme to “Make it from Scratch”! We’ll be exploring this theme all year long with all things homemade, improvised, DIY, and handmade because promoting self-sufficiency is a BIG piece of our mission.

We are already introducing our “Make it from Scratch” theme with our new weekly recipe cards printed in Gilpin County’s Weekly Register Call, here’s a taste of good things to come!

Stay tuned and make sure you are FOLLOWING the Holistic Homestead (click on the “+” button on the corner of your page, type in your email et voila!) for a year full of simple, Homestead-y facts and fun. Tell us about your favorite way to “Make it from Scratch” in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and cheers to a new year!

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