Meet Arwen Ek, your Summer Solstice Hostess

Dear Friends,

Some of you have been following the Homestead for a long time – since we started in 2012. Many of you, I’ve noticed, are new readers, subscribers and members. Welcome!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAArwen Ek founded the Holistic Homestead in 2012 with a handful of herbs and a dream – to make holistic health and wellness accessible to everyone. Her training as an Herbalist, Homeopath, First Responder and Buddhist Monastic are woven together in what is today a growing nonprofit with a mission to increase health literacy, build healthy communities, and advocate for the medically underserved.

The Summer Solstice Wildcrafting Party has become a tradition at the Homestead, and is our favorite time of year. This is your chance to meet the living medicine that grows wild and free at your feet, and to see how the wild plants get transformed into food and first aid for you and your family. Saturday, June 24th, 2017 from 10 am to 1 pm at the Homestead.

Get your tickets now! 

As part of our commitment to building healthy communities, all Homestead members enjoy free admission to our events throughout the year! Join us today – your contribution is tax-deductible and helps manifest our shared vision for a healthier world: less dependent on a chemical pharmacy, more integrated with natural rhythms of sickness and health, and embracing the simple gifts of nature to keep us dancing in dynamic equilibrium.

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