Meet Kate Miller, co-hostess for our Solstice Wildcrafting Party


Kate Miller of Dynamic Roots & Alpine Botanicals, Arwen Ek of The Holistic Homestead and Dawne Vrable of Dynamic Roots at the Homestead Apothecary

Kate Miller has an extensive resume when it comes to holistic health. She is a Bioregional/Biodynamic Community Herbalist, Medicinal Herb Grower, and Permaculture Design Teacher. She also teaches Herbal Medicine, Mountain Ecology, and Ethical Wildcrafting Practices. As a Certified Herbalist from Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder she has a private practice as well as partnering with Dynamic Roots High Altitude Herbals, and building her own company from the ground up: Alpine Botanicals.

The thread that weaves all these elements into Kate is her passion for growing and harvesting edible and medicinal herbs. You can’t spend more than five minutes with Kate without hearing about permaculture, and wildcrafting.

What is permaculture? 

“Permaculture for me is all about how we are interacting with the earth and what steps we are taking in our everyday lives to design a system of resiliency…making sure that the systems we are implementing are going to be stronger as time goes on rather than weaker.”

What is wildcrafting? 

“Wildcrafting is harvesting plants you are not growing yourself…[walking on] lands that we are not manipulating, going out into nature and harvesting plants. At Dynamic Roots we focus on ethical wildcrafting, a small percentage of what we do because it is such a trending industry. There are many more at risk plants than there used to be, we used to be able to go out into the woods and harvest as much as you wanted. But now there’s a risk of devastating plant species that way. Establishing that relationship with the plants.”

Kate answers these questions and more from Greg Peterson on his podcast, I encourage you to listen to the entire interview on YouTube here

At the Holistic Homestead, we are deeply honored to have this Wise Woman with us for our annual Summer Solstice Wildcrafting Party this Saturday, June 24th, starting at 10 am. Her companies, Dynamic Roots and Alpine Botanicals are also some of our longest, and dearest sponsors. Please support these companies, and do join us at The Holistic Homestead for our Solstice Wildcrafting Party!



2 Comments on “Meet Kate Miller, co-hostess for our Solstice Wildcrafting Party

  1. Hi Arwen!

    I recently became a member of the Holistic Homestead and am just so grateful for all that you do and offer. I have two questions:

    1. I am SO excited about the solstice event, but because of work I literally might not know until Saturday morning if I can make it or not. What is the latest I can purchase a ticket? Is it worse to RSVP and not show, or to buy a ticket at the last minute? 2. I would love to meet up for a consult for myself and my 8-month old. No acute illness, just a general introduction to homeopathy and what might be helpful to have in the medicine cabinet for this little guy. I’m sure you’re plenty busy so no rush, I just wanted to put it out there.

    Hope you’re feeling better! 🙂 Shakti


    • Hello Shakti,

      Thank you for your support, and Welcome to the Homestead! I appreciate your giving me a head’s up about your work situation, I will hold a place for you. We are only asking a small donation from members (for supplies) which you can offer the day-of. I will add you to the list so you can get pre-event details over the next couple days and come prepared if you are able to make it.

      I hope you can come! Sincerely, Arwen

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