Meet the Board: Casey McCalip

Casey has been an ever-present supporter of The Holistic Homestead since our inception. Her quiet, open presence has brought so much to our community events over the years, her questions always inspire long contemplation over an extra-large cup of tea. When it came time to start recruiting our first board of directors, Casey immediately came to mind. I’m so grateful she accepted!

Like Laura, Casey also has an extensive background in “orthodox” medicine, and is pursuing a deeper knowledge of holistic medicine as a way to truly bring health and healing to those who need it most.

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A transplant from Missouri, living in the beautiful Ned bubble for going on 3 years, and loving it. An aspiring herbalist with a background in orthodox healthcare including 3+ years of in-home assistance/wound care experience, and 7 years in the Operating Room as a Certified Surgical Technologist.

I’m happy to be serving The Homestead because I believe deeply in our mission to bring access to alternative healthcare and health education to our community. Look forward to wonderful things, friends!

Thanks to your generous, ongoing support, The Holistic Homestead has been able to file our Articles of Incorporation as a Colorado Nonprofit, trademark and register our name and logo, and obtain our Charitable Solicitations License. The next big step is to become a 501(c)(3) federally recognized, publicly supported, totally viable and manifesting big changes tax-exempt organization, and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Please consider an ongoing contribution of $5/month to The Holistic Homestead by clicking this link, and selecting the “make this recurring (monthly)” box. For $60 a year, you are directly helping rural Coloradans have greater understanding and access to holistic alternatives. Thank you!

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