Meet the Board: Melissa Freeman

I am thrilled to announce our founding Board of Directors is now complete! Please welcome Melissa Freeman, of Nederland, Colorado to The Holistic Homestead…and make sure you are following this blog (just click the little blue + sign at the bottom right corner, add your e-mail, et voila!), we’ll be announcing some big changes in the next couple months!


“One of my earliest experiences with the Holistic Homestead was when the founder, Arwen Ek, shared some of her homemade cough drops with me.  I was working with the general public, and frequently exposed to sick people.  Her act of kindness and generosity was not lost on me, and I grew to deeply appreciate the practical, progressive, and natural living offerings the Homestead offers our mountain communities.  I’ve long been a homesteader in the kitchen and enjoy making everything from tofu to lactofermented beets to elixir juices.  I came to homesteading out of a desire to replace my dependence upon plastics, carbon transit, and needless landfill.   I believe that building healthy communities comes from supporting our natural world–which the Homestead does through reducing waste (i.e. reusing medical equipment), nutrition education, and a strong commitment to environmental ethics (including trash pickups and recycling education).  I am happy to serve on the Board of Directors for the Holistic Homestead and further our communities’ commitment to safeguarding the Rocky Mountain Front Range.”

The Holistic Homestead is a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation dedicated to improving health literacy, building healthy communities, and advocating for the medically underserved. Enjoy browsing our large catalog of educational articles on everything from spring cleansing to how to harvest and use stinging nettle, and first aid! Your comments and questions are most welcome, fill out the form below and say “Hi”!

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