The Holistic Homestead is so fortunate to have the support of these high quality holistic health and wellness oriented companies and highly trained holistic healers with living integrity – and a commitment to service. Please support these folks by clicking the links and visiting their pages, and giving them a call! When it comes to finding lasting health and happiness, the more the merrier!

Our newest sponsor is “Uncle” Charlie of Wide Awake Water in Black Hawk, CO. His land is tucked away in the remote mountains and features spring water from an ancient underground aquifer – his water has tested to the highest purity standards. He also offers therapeutic soaks. Check out the website: image1

dynamic roots
Dynamic Roots, High Altitude Herbals, cultivates vibrant herbal remedies that support the body’s seasonal rhythms. Visit their beautiful online store at
Mountain Forum for Peace
Rise & Shine, Love is a holistic retreat center in Nederland, CO run by Eliza Stephen, Reiki Master Teacher, intuitive guidance and sound and energy worker.
alpine botanicals
Alpine Botanicals offers products, services, and educational experiences that foster health and resilience in the Front Range Rocky Mountain Community. Artisan Apothecary and Center for Resilience coming soon to downtown Nederland, CO!


Kathleen K. Fry, MD, ABIHM, CTHHom, Homeopathic Physician Consultations also available via phone (480) 695-1383 or Skype: KathleenFry180




School of Natural Medicine Graduate Salvatore Vitale offers this “holistic healing haven of vibrational therapies for the highest good of all” Connect with Sal on Facebook
Holistic, deep ecology, and full-circle health: global, local and personal. Sponsors of the Homestead since 2013!





































Interested in becoming a sponsor? Tell us about your business!


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