November Update

Dear Subscribers,

Greetings to you from the winter wonderland of Boulder, Colorado! I must confess, this is my favorite time of year – the fresh snowfall gives everything a clean and bright feeling, sounds become softer and time moves slower. Mother nature is reminding us to take some time to slow down, do less, sit in our favorite comfy chair and gaze out the window with a hot cup between your hands.

My thoughts wander to those of you who have been working with me, some for many months up to a year. My first promise to you was that you would see marked improvement within months, and see lasting results beyond a year. Your healing journey has been, and continues to be, a successful collaboration, and I offer my deepest gratitude for your sincerity and positive intention. Most of all, congratulations on your improved well being!

Every healing journey is absolutely unique: the strength of your innate vitality, your physical and emotional history, your lifestyle and even your ancestors all weave a unique picture of your overall well being, and how homeopathic treatment will benefit you.

Perhaps your first prescription was for an ‘acute’ – or a self-limiting state of dis-ease such as the flu, or a sprained ankle. From there, you decided to pursue ‘constitutional’ treatment. This usually applies to more chronic conditions – asthma, muscle weakness, or depression for example. During the course of your ‘constitutional’ treatment, you may be given a few different remedies, or you may be on one remedy for several years! As long as we continue to see overall improvement – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – your treatment plan usually continues with a focused set of remedies.

As your overall sense of well being improves, I will be looking at an increasingly broad picture of your health. Even if you have been on one successful prescription for several months, it may be indicated to take a break or to change remedies to address a layer that the original prescription hasn’t improved or cleared. This broad picture will take more into account than we discussed in the initial interview – your family history, vaccinations, and childhood illness are especially relevant at this stage in your treatment.

Finally, I will ask you to envision your future health – remember, this is your healing journey and you have chosen homeopathy as your primary mode of health care. What do you want out of your homeopathic treatment? That is what I am here for – to listen to you, and support you with homeopathic remedies to realize your infinite potential.

Thanks for your feedback and courageous healing, here’s to your health!
Many Blessings, Pema

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