Our continuing efforts to serve the community during COVID-19

Who knew nonprofits would become such indispensable resources at such a critical time for our society? The entire nonprofit sector is mobilized to get resources and services to the people who need them NOW, and nobody knows the community better than your favorite local nonprofits.

Here at the Homestead, where our mission is to improve the health and wellness of rural Colorado, you can imagine we’ve been incredibly busy over the last week. From opening the Market on Wednesdays to Seniors only, to hosting the Mountain Backpack program where families can pick up weekly food boxes, to donating produce to the Gilpin County Food Bank…oh yeah, and making deliveries!… we are doing everything we can to serve the community.

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In the meantime, here’s what we’re doing to keep your shopping experience safe and healthy:

  • Now open Wednesdays for Seniors only, please. 5% discount for everyone born before 1960.
  • Limiting the number of folks in the store to no more than 5 at a time
  • Requesting all customers to sanitize and don the latest in nitrile fashion
  • Providing sanitizer, gloves, alcohol prep pads at the door
  • Diffusing anti-microbial essential oils in the Market
  • offering curbside pick up (call 303.582.3001 please) and delivery (click here to be redirected to our online store)
Nitrile gloves, alcohol swabs, hand sanitizer, and essential oils diffusing to keep our shoppers healthy

Volunteers needed!

The increase in demand is a tremendous strain on our people power. If you are hale and healthy, please consider volunteering at the Homestead, or any of your favorite local nonprofits! Reach out and be of service, help keep your community healthy and safe.

5 Comments on “Our continuing efforts to serve the community during COVID-19

  1. Thank you for all that you do. You have been a blessing to me and my husband. Your kindness and genuine care for others will never be forgotten with us. Please take care of yourself and be safe. Love, the Haseltons/Murphys

  2. Hi Arwen, my friend Karen and I would like to volunteer! Can we help deliver groceries? This is such a crazy time, we want to help! Please email me!


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