Our Mission

What is the Holistic Homestead? 

The Holistic Homestead is a 501c3 tax exempt, membership based nonprofit dedicated to education, outreach and advocacy in the rural mountain communities along the Peak to Peak Scenic Highway in Colorado.

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In January 2020, the Holistic Homestead opened THE HOMESTEAD MARKET, a small co-operative market featuring fresh organic produce, local meat, bulk dry goods, herbs and spices; health/beauty/bath/home products and pet food. We are open Thursdays through Sundays from 10 – 3 at 972 Golden Gate Canyon Rd. in Gilpin County! Please support your local nonprofit market and shop local!

Who does the Holistic Homestead serve?

All residents of rural mountain communities in Gilpin and Boulder Counties and low-income families interested in holistic medicine and self-sufficient lifestyles.

What does the Holistic Homestead do?

  1. Education: donating monthly articles to local print publications, maintaining educational blog and distribution of newsletter; covering health related topics relevant to promoting the safety and well being of residents in rural mountain communities with limited resources and access to health care services; promoting greater self-sufficiency living off the land and homesteading.
  2. Outreach: donations of goods and services to families in need, hosting wildcrafting and county road clean-up events; connecting families with local resources to medical supplies and holistic healers (herbalism, homeopathy, acupuncture, massage therapy, etc) for no cost, sliding scale fee or barter. Support of local small businesses.
  3. Advocacy: building awareness for responsible mountain living, advocating environmental leadership and ethics, “leave no trace”, as well as historical building and land preservation activities. Contributing to community recycling program. Advocacy through local media with activities held in small, rural mountain communities.
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How can you get involved?

As a membership based nonprofit, we rely on charitable giving and membership dues to keep our doors open and the lights on.

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Would you rather schedule a small, monthly contribution? Click here to learn about becoming a Patreon!

Our co-operative market is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with small-scale, local businesses. Click here to read about becoming a valued partner!

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    • Hi Carl!

      It was so lovely to connect with you again, and I can’t wait to re-up my WFR (& WEMT?) at your upcoming classes in Boulder! Feature articles are forthcoming, until then I would love for my readers to browse your website and sign up to learn about basic self-sufficiency and first aid!
      – Arwen

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