Ready, set, go! A healthier YOU in 2015 starts NOW!

Making a resolution to get fit, to eat healthier, to exercise more, to live better – is the best thing you can do for yourself, for your family and for the world. (Believe it!) Committing to a healthier lifestyle is never cliche or outmoded, and don’t you dare indulge in those statistics about how many resolutions fail…

A “new year’s resolution” – or whatever you choose to call it – is a commitment to initiate change this year and beyond. So, one step at a time, folks!

At the Holistic Homestead, our recipe for success is completely different from any other “self help” or “natural approach” you’ve seen. We aren’t going to start with diet or calorie restrictions or “just five minutes a day” – at this Homestead we start from within. From the basic instinct that is motivating you to read this article, to contemplating a better way of living. From the core of your experience, we begin with the spirit and the mind.

In other words, how can you enjoy switching to whole grains or limiting your sugar intake, how will you sustain a new yoga practice or daily run around the block if your heart and your mind are heavy and distracted?

I can share very candidly with you, that every vow I’ve taken and broken has been motivated by everything other than compassion, than solidarity, than caring for others. On the flip side, sharing my successes and failures and reaching out to help my family and community has helped me to care more for myself – to stick with that five minutes of t’ai chi, to savor a home cooked meal.

I sincerely hope that you will join us as we explore the many inspiring avenues for personal evolution, opportunities for profound healing and everyday miracles here at the Holistic Homestead!

Stay tuned! More to come! Thanks for following and “Here’s to Your Health!” – Arwen

yup, a very candid picture of yours truly (ha!)

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