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However you slice it, 2020 has been devastating for small businesses. And it’s not over yet. As a grassroots nonprofit, I am amazed that we have made it this far – and so grateful that our services are an essential part of keeping our community safe and healthy.

But having to cancel all of our workshops and fundraisers has contracted our fiscal outlook drastically, and I lose sleep wondering if we’ll be here this time next year? Think of the small businesses in your neighborhood, and imagine life without them. I’d be willing to bet they’re facing the same tough questions we are, and wondering how to get their neighbors to support them.


Now more than ever folks are appreciating the value of small shops and local opportunities, as we are encouraged to avoid crowds and stay close to home. Here’s what we’re doing to keep our community healthy and safe during the pandemic.

Don’t let the small businesses in your neighborhood close!
Shop local so we can keep our doors open, lights on, and shelves stocked.

Like many things in life, if you don’t use it, you lose it. As a small business ourselves, the Holistic Homestead goes out of our way to support other small, local businesses such as The Mountain People’s CoOp, The Business Connection, Willoughby Honey, Mountain Girl Pickles, Look Out Here I Come! Infused Olive Oil, and Alpine Botanicals.

YOU are investing in a more sustainable world: the more we buy from small, local farms, the more they can grow. The more they grow, the less we have to rely on complicated supply chains that use fossil fuels to transport food thousands of miles (that is picked way before it has ripened, by the way); the fresher your produce is and there’s less chance of your food being saturated with chemicals (fertilizers and preservatives).

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CHANGE YOUR MIND: committing to shopping local actually makes you think differently about your food. Instead of going for the fancy recipe with exotic ingredients, you will learn how to make fabulous, delicious, and nutritious meals for your family with locally sourced ingredients. (It will save you money in the long run, too.)

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DON’T PANIC when the supply chain is disrupted – as we all experienced back in March, April, May…. you will know how and where to source the ingredients and supplies you need to keep going through tough times.


That’s what the Homestead is for – we are committed to building a more healthy and sustainable world through self-sufficiency and co-operation. Make sure you’re following this blog (tap the little “+” sign in the corner of your screen to sign up!) for our upcoming Homesteading Health Fair and if you live in the Peak to Peak region of Colorado, stop in at the Homestead Market! Chances are we have something you are looking for, and thank you for the support.

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