Your purchases help us continue our work to improve health and wellness in the rural communities along the Peak to Peak highway in Colorado.

Frank & Bubby stuffed animals are handmade with love in Ukraine. Purchase in the Market or click here to see each individual one in the shop.

Below are our in-house products and Community Food Share subscriptions!

Help the Holistic Homestead meet our monthly minimum for local drop off by ordering quality products from Azure

If you’re new to Azure, click here to watch and read about how it all works


  1. Double check that “The Holistic Homestead Community Drop” is selected as your drop location
  2. Checkout by 5:02 pm on the deadline day (you will be able to see the deadline once you select the drop location).
  3. Make sure you are at the Gilpin County Fairgrounds (230 Norton Dr.) on the drop off day to pick up your order. (You will be notified via email if the drop day after you place your order. Typically it is the Monday after the deadline.)

Click here to go to the Azure Standard website and start filling your shopping cart! 
Click here to join our Holistic Homestead Azure Community Drop Facebook Page, where you can meet other drop participants, and get tips, share updates, etc.

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