Six ways we’re staying healthy at the Homestead

There is a lot of information about COVID-19, also referred to as the Novel Coronavirus, in the news today. There is also a lot of fear. As a nonprofit dedicated to keeping our community healthy, the Homestead encourages our readers to stay informed, take prudent precautions, practice common sense, and be extra mindful when it comes to personal hygiene.

Here’s what the CDC recommends

Here’s an excellent video by herbalist, author, and teacher Brigitte Mars

Here are the official guidelines, recommendations and resources from the Colorado Department of Public Health regarding COVID-19

Here’s what WE’RE doing at the Homestead to keep our community healthy:

  • Diffusing essential oils in the Market, especially “Robbers Cloak” blend by Dimple Drops (you can also buy it in the store!)
  • Wiping down ALL frequently touched surfaces (door handles, light switches, tables, chairs) with BLEACH twice a day. I know we’re all natural here, but in public spaces there is no substitute for bleach – it’s a matter of public health, and as a public space we take this seriously.
  • Offering our customers single-use disposable gloves for handling produce, as well as hand sanitizer to use as you enter and exit the Market. (We also sell hand sanitizer here!)
  • For a natural all-purpose surface cleaner with anti-microbial power, I mix one Tablespoon baking soda with 1/4 cup white vinegar and 20-30 drops Robbers Cloak essential oil blend in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle, and add 1 cup of water. (Open the lid slightly to release the pressure as the baking soda dissolves in the vinegar, and avoid getting this in your eyes)
  • ALL employees and volunteers practice frequent and thorough hand washing. (We do this all the time anyway!)
  • Laughter improves immunity! Thanks to Kate Miller at Alpine Botanicals for sharing this brilliant reminder (for all our Dune fans out there)…

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