Spring Cleanse Day 5: Gentle Yoga for Detoxification

Whether you’re going for one more day of juice fasting, or if you are ready to ease your way out of this transformative cleansing experience – I wanted to offer you another tool to help keep you on track with your cleansing goals, and to help you get the most out of this week that you have dedicated to self-care. 

Three kinds of yoga poses that are especially beneficial for cleansing:

Deep breathing

pexels-photo-879205.jpegFill your lungs completely, expanding your diaphragm and ribcage, inhaling through the nose (which helps to slow your respirations), and exhale through the nose twice. On the third exhale, open the mouth, stick out the tongue and roll the eyes up toward the middle of the forehead. This is called Lion’s Breath and is especially effective at clearing out any accumulated residue in the lungs.

Twisting poses

pexels-photo-802417.jpegAny twisting poses act as a gentle massage for the internal organs. Allow your whole body to expand and contract with each full breath, maximizing the saturation of oxygenated blood and removal of metabolic waste. Twisting poses also help stimulate peristalsis, the natural rhythm of the colon that inspires healthy bowel function.


pexels-photo-317157.jpegBesides helping to relieve gas, upside-down poses help to regulate blood flow, relieves pressure on your lower limbs and re-circulates lymphatic fluids that can stagnate in the legs.

If you registered for our Spring Cleanse, you will receive extra videos of the nine-fold cleansing breath and yoga for detoxification created especially for you!

Pro-cleansing tip: keep moving! While cleansing requires extra rest and TLC for your body, don’t let the energy of cleansing stagnate – keep it moving! Gentle yoga, t’ai chi, and long, peaceful walks in nature all support your grounding, centering and integrating the benefits of your cleanse. 

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