Last chance to register for Spring Cleanse 2016: Body, Speech & Mind

Our cleanse begins tomorrow! Hooray! Are you dancing for joy with me? No…? “Cleansing is such a drag.” – Not with the Homestead! Here at the Homestead, you will not go hungry, you will not be starving yourself, you will…

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Spring Cleanse starts TOMORROW! Here are some tools to get ready

Spring Cleanse 2016: Body, Speech & Mind is shaping up to be the most holistic cleanse we’ve had here at the Homestead ever. Ironic, I know. But the emphasis is usually on cleansing just the body – eschewing certain foods,…

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Cleansing the holistic way

Welcome to the holistic life – and ’round these parts, we mean more than just natural remedies. Holistic is wholeness is holism is holiness (to borrow some poetry from my favorite folk healer/wise woman Susun Weed). Everything is embraced here…

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