Announcing the launch of our CSA!

Dear Friends, We are excited to announce our first concrete step toward building a sustainable Gilpin County, launching our first CSA! What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture is a way for local folks to pre-pay for seasonal, organic produce….

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101 Ways The Homestead Helps the Community

woman and small child with painted sign: How would you change health and wellness in Gilpin County?

Grant Writing is one of my favorite pastimes. Seriously. I turn the lights down, put on some sweet, mantra-laced techno/trance beats, and I’m in the “Homestead Zone”. “How does your nonprofit benefit the community?” “How many people does your nonprofit…

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How effective are your online donations?

I recently got some very worthwhile questions from a prospective donor: “Why should I donate online? I hesitate because I know those crowdfunding sites take a percentage of all donations. How much does CrowdRise, Facebook, PayPal and Amazon Smile get…

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