DIY natural mouth rinse

Ditch the store-bought mouthwash for a safer, cleaner, and more environmental alternative! Try this easy DIY herbal mouthwash recipe today!

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Winter Retreat Day 2: Just Breathe

crop person showing smartphone with title on screen

Enjoy two videos recorded exclusively for our Winter Retreat, to guide you in achieving peace, balance, and resilience. Bonus video at the end!

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“Make it from Scratch” in 2021

baked baking chef dough

We’re making everything from scratch at the Homestead in 2021! Join us for a year full of all things homemade, improvised, DIY, and handmade.

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DIY Zero Waste 100% Natural Hair Care

Learn how to make your own 100% natural shampoo and hair rinse!

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DIY All Natural Easter egg dye

The best question I got at our CSA pick-up today was, “Can I have your onion skins?” There’s no better place to get ’em when I’ve got a case of onions on the table!  This particular customer uses onion skins,…

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