Meet Dandy Dash, our latest creation!

Talk about wild gourmet seasonings….this one is just as versatile and nutritious as our Nettle Me, but with a totally unique flavor profile. Dandy Dash is equal parts Dandelion Leaves & Nutritional Yeast, and half part mineral salt. The result?…

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A letter from a Thistle

I submitted this letter about a month ago to our local paper, but they told me it’s too long for print. (Fair enough.) I wrote “A letter from a thistle” as a passionate plea for peace after reading “How to…

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What are Dandelion Blossoms good for?

Dandelion Blossom Syrup is a tried-and-true, best-selling recipe that I’ve borrowed from my favorite herbalist Susun Weed. In her book, Healing Wise, she mentions the specific ability of dandelion blossoms to freshen tired skin and lift the spirits. When it…

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