Stepping out of the retreat hut

close up photography of incenses

Thank you for joining us for Winter Retreat 2021: Making it from Scratch! Blessings, offerings, and gratitude to all who participated. Dedicating the merit.

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Winter Retreat 2021: Making it from Scratch

Join us for our 6th Annual Online Winter Retreat 2021: Making it from Scratch! February 12-13-14.

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What are we grateful for in 2020?

To say 2020 has been challenging is an understatement. But at the Homestead we’re counting YOU among our blessings this Thanksgiving.

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Winter Retreat Day 1: Revolutionary Gratitude

Discover a deeper meaning of gratitude with Joanna Macy, and remember this profound gratitude throughout your retreat.

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10 ways to teach Compassion to Kids

Way #1: Recognize (and appreciate!) that our kids are actually here to teach compassion to US boring, jaded, and temperamental adults. (I’m talking about myself here…mostly…)

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Spiritual Olympians

Thank you for joining the Holistic Homestead for our first annual winter retreat – it was a great success! Each of you took a moment or two to dedicate to healing on the spiritual level, and even if you only…

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