“Make it from Scratch” in 2021

baked baking chef dough

We’re making everything from scratch at the Homestead in 2021! Join us for a year full of all things homemade, improvised, DIY, and handmade.

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Spring Cleanse Day 2: What’s for lunch?

This is shaping up to be the most delicious cleanse ever…who knew? There are so many myths about cleansing: you have to starve yourself, it’s painful – even dangerous, you have to pay hundreds of dollars for a pre-packaged cleanse…

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How to prepare for your cleanse

Our Spring Cleanse 2018 starts in 5 days – are you prepared? Use this checklist to make sure you get the most out of your dedicated time for gentle self-renewal: 1. Set your intention – intention is seriously the #1…

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Homemade no-bake Fiber Bites

Mid winter everything slows down…even digestion. For me, February is the depth of bear season, where I just want to crawl under a pile of blankets and hibernate until the Spring Equinox. But for us humans, we still need to…

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Bringing stinging nettle to the dinner table

Nettles are a tricky food to get to know – most folks either love ’em or hate ’em. If you’re truly hard-core, you harvest by hand, eat fresh nettle pesto or use fresh young tops in a stir-fry (click here…

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5 light and delicious recipes to end your cleanse

How you end a cleanse is far more important than how you started it. If you’ve managed to cut out coffee, sugar, alcohol and saturated fats for a few days, the LAST thing you should do is dive right back…

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