You’re invited to our 3rd Annual Holistic Health Fair!

GET YOUR EARLY BIRD TICKETS NOW!  This is a truly amazing event that gets bigger and better every year. Come and enjoy a day full of healing with reiki, massage therapy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, sound healing, healing touch, naturopathy, homeopathy, herbs and more! Live performances and demonstrations! Local vendors for holiday shopping! Hands on health … Continue reading You’re invited to our 3rd Annual Holistic Health Fair!


Spring Cleanse Day 5: Gentle Yoga for Detoxification

Whether you're going for one more day of juice fasting, or if you are ready to ease your way out of this transformative cleansing experience - I wanted to offer you another tool to help keep you on track with your cleansing goals, and to help you get the most out of this week that … Continue reading Spring Cleanse Day 5: Gentle Yoga for Detoxification

How effective are your online donations?

I recently got some very worthwhile questions from a prospective donor: "Why should I donate online? I hesitate because I know those crowdfunding sites take a percentage of all donations. How much does CrowdRise, Facebook, PayPal and Amazon Smile get from each donation?" Embarrassingly, I couldn't answer these questions off the top of my head. … Continue reading How effective are your online donations?

Day 6: Compassionate Eyes

The way we look at the world determines our reality - and our inner reality determines our outlook. What do your eyes reveal about your inner world? Have you looked at yourself with kindness today? Have you given a kind glance to a stranger today? How can we share unconditional love, boundless equanimity, loving kindness, … Continue reading Day 6: Compassionate Eyes

Announcing Winter Retreat 2017!

Dear Friends, I am so excited to announce the theme for our 4th annual Winter Retreat: Cultivating Compassion. In a world that seems so divided, with stressful news being reported everyday, and escalating rates of violence, particularly hate crimes - many of us feel motivated to become politically active, or proactive in changing our society. … Continue reading Announcing Winter Retreat 2017!

and the grand total is…

Dear Friends, Thank you for making our December fundraiser so successful! Between membership and subscription renewals, paid sponsorship, a silent auction and our First Annual Holistic Health Fair, we raised a grand total of $768! This is more than even from years past, giving us just enough to upgrade the website (did you notice?) and … Continue reading and the grand total is…

3 ways to be proactive with your health

Here at the Homestead, we believe in empowering you to take charge of your health by giving you relevant information about health related issues in the headlines, publishing frequent DIY natural health recipes and projects, and engaging the health and wellness topics that matter most to YOU. Now it's time to stop reading, and start … Continue reading 3 ways to be proactive with your health

Summer Solstice Wildcrafting Party!

Dear Friends, It's time for our third annual summer solstice wildcrafting party! This event happens right at the peak of arnica season at our Homestead in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado - the entire hillside behind our cabin will be golden yellow with bright arnica blossoms, and just about everything else will be at the … Continue reading Summer Solstice Wildcrafting Party!

Ready, set, CLEANSE!

It's springtime again at the Homestead, which at this elevation means a mix of snow, ice and mud with the occasional hail storm. But already we can see tiny green sprouts poking up through the thinning frost and birdsongs echoing among the lodgepoles that surround our cabin. Reflecting on the past winter, I must confess … Continue reading Ready, set, CLEANSE!