Winter Retreat Day 6: Lighting the Chakras

Today’s reading comes to us from Melissa Freeman of Mountain Zen Candles in Nederland, Colorado. Melissa’s hand-made chakra candles correspond to seven energetic centers in our spiritual bodies, with the associated color, vibration, sound, and scent. Her candles are on…

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Winter Retreat Day 2: …like someone in love

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? What was it like? Typically, our heart flutters or races; maybe we become faint, or trip over our words (and our feet); all our tension melts away, we forget our…

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Shoulder injuries: a holistic approach

I have always had immense sympathy for anyone with a shoulder injury. These seem to be the slowest to heal, and the most debilitating in the meantime. Dislocations in particular wreak havoc on the body’s most inefficient joint – ten…

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