A letter from my liver

I quit drinking two weeks ago. Then, last week I went to a retreat, where I got to de-stress, unplug, eat super clean healthy food and...have a gallbladder attack? On the second night in retreat, I felt a sharp, stabbing pain in my right side and I knew immediately, oh - there goes my gallbladder! … Continue reading A letter from my liver


DIY Winter Tonic Tea

Winter time calls for warming herbs that help us circulate, clear out and renew. Stuck indoors with stuffy, dry air and depressed immunity leads to lingering coughs and colds that take weeks to clear up. That is why I created the "Deep Breath" blend with equal parts wildcrafted mugwort, mullein and mint. A splash of … Continue reading DIY Winter Tonic Tea

The sacred art of healing with smudge sticks

Smudging is the ancient practice of bathing in the smoke of sacred herbs such as cedar, sage, pine pitch, frankincense, myrrh, juniper, mugwort, and sweetgrass. These herbs are ritually harvested and prepared with a sacred healing intent - often during a full moon or on an important spiritual holy-day. For an in-depth article on harvesting … Continue reading The sacred art of healing with smudge sticks