How to make All-Natural Heal-All salve

What’s in my All-Heal salve? Coconut Oil Calendula or Comfrey (fresh or dried) Oatmeal What’s it good for? Rashes Bug Bites and Stings Eczema Psoriasis Burns How does it work?  Let’s start with Coconut Oil. Dr. Axe lauds the wound…

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Meet the Board: Laura Michael

Laura Michael has dedicated her training and career development to the study and practice of nursing. She is currently studying psychology and nursing at Colorado University in Boulder. She is a CNA, and certified in CPR and BLS; she is…

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The Homestead’s 2015 scrapbook – what an amazing year!

THIS YEAR, WE NEED YOUR HELP! In order to continue doing all the cool and amazing things that we do here at the Homestead, it takes the dedication and support of our entire community. Our goal this year is to…

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