Shoulder injuries: a holistic approach

I have always had immense sympathy for anyone with a shoulder injury. These seem to be the slowest to heal, and the most debilitating in the meantime. Dislocations in particular wreak havoc on the body’s most inefficient joint – ten…

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Oh my aching gallbladder! (A true story)

Our gallbladders are amazing little organs. Weighing-in at just over 2 ounces, and less than 4 inches long by 2 inches wide (that’s on the larger side…) the gallbladder holds onto bile created by the liver. When the bile is…

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Relief for your Achy Joints (part 2)

This year I created a new line of body products using the amazing abundance of Arnica that grows wild and free on my land. I harvested as much Arnica as I could throughout the month of June and still had…

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