Announcing a generous donation!

Dear Friends of the Homestead, We are pleased and honored to announce to you that our growing, grassroots wellness movement recently received a $5,000 grant from Christopher and LuAnne Hormel of the Fire Monkey Fund of RSF Social Finance. The funds were awarded for general operating support, and we wanted to share with you the … Continue reading Announcing a generous donation!



As we are launching our CSA, we're getting lots of great questions! And, because our CSA is not structured in the typical fashion, our model does need a little unpacking. Hopefully, this article will answer your most frequently asked questions about community supported agriculture: What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture is a co-operative between … Continue reading CSA FAQ

Taking back our health care

On March 1st, 2017, our small-town doc lost his Medicaid contract. He was given a few days notice (over a weekend), and his patients are still reeling from having the rug pulled out from under them. I should know, because he's my doctor, too. (Read the story here.) The Columbine Family Health Clinic was given … Continue reading Taking back our health care

Amidst politics & healthcare, everyday people pay the price

We can't miss the daily digest of confusion over how our healthcare system is - once again - being overhauled to fit the agenda of the ruling political party in the US. Proposed revisions to the Affordable Care Act are certain to slash coverage for millions, and for some people, that's okay. For the rest … Continue reading Amidst politics & healthcare, everyday people pay the price

The Hidden Life of Used Medical Equipment

Last time I was in a doctor's office, I needed a sling for my shoulder. He stepped out of the office, and moments later walked back in with a brand-new sling, still in the package. “Just bring that back when you’re done with it, okay?” Was my insurance paying for this nice, new, perfect-fit sling? No. … Continue reading The Hidden Life of Used Medical Equipment

My #1 Priority: Health Literacy

According to, "Health literacy is the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions." Why is health literacy important? Studies estimate nearly 30 million people in this country have "below basic" health literacy. These people are more likely to … Continue reading My #1 Priority: Health Literacy