Raritan Pharma voluntarily recalls Homeopathic Products

A large manufacturer of Homeopathic remedies has recently recalled three specific products from markets nationwide: Kids teething tablets, Kids Ear Relief Liquid, and Kids Ear Relief Oral Liquid. The reason for the recall is one ingredient in these homeopathic preparations:…

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Homeopathy: When More is More

Obviously, video editing is not my forte.  I thought I’d add my drop to the social media pool about Holistic Health and Preventative Medicine.  It’s amazing to me how many people I meet on a daily basis who have never…

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Vitality! by Kathleen K. Fry, MD, CTHHOM

Every book advocating a better understanding of homeopathy deserves to be noticed, and Vitality! by Dr. Kathleen K. Fry commands special acclaim.  Here, Dr. Fry presents a concise, honest and practical approach to every day homeopathy.  Each chapter is a mini-lesson on the most…

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