Meet the Board: Melissa Freeman

I am thrilled to announce our founding Board of Directors is now complete! Please welcome Melissa Freeman, of Nederland, Colorado to The Holistic Homestead…and make sure you are following this blog (just click the little blue + sign at the…

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Bringing stinging nettle to the dinner table

Nettles are a tricky food to get to know – most folks either love ’em or hate ’em. If you’re truly hard-core, you harvest by hand, eat fresh nettle pesto or use fresh young tops in a stir-fry (click here…

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A juicy love affair with Stinging Nettle

            I have been promising my nettle patch a juicy, attention grabbing article for several seasons now. At the end of the harvest, as I am gathering the last, tall stalks in my arms, gently tying them upside down, singing…

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