A juicy love affair with Stinging Nettle

            I have been promising my nettle patch a juicy, attention grabbing article for several seasons now. At the end of the harvest, as I am gathering the last, tall stalks in my arms, gently tying them upside down, singing…

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delectable Dandelion, an ode to taraxacum officinale

Summer memories of my youth are filled with dandelions – I was given a 10 cents allowance for digging up dandelions and throwing them in the compost, but when no one was looking I was weaving faerie crowns with golden…

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Wildcrafting the Wise Woman Way

Three words: Reverence. Ethical. Beauty. Reverence When you are embarking on your spring wildcrafting weed walk, do a short meditation to set a positive and compassionate intention. Visualize yourself walking in the forest, noticing the birds, the squirrels, the tiny,…

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