Ancient Traditions: Garbling on Samhain

“Garbling” is herbal-parlance for working with herbs, which according to the ancient healers, was a sacred task. Once the raw herbal material has been harvested and dried, or infused into oil, honey, or alcohol, garbling is the next stage of…

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Breast Cancer? There is ALWAYS hope!

A new diagnosis of cancer is devastating. The first responses range from dispair, grief, anger, and confusion to depression, anxiety and hopelessness. Family members won’t always have the right words, or know how to express their feelings beyond, “I’m sorry…”…

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What are Dandelion Blossoms good for?

Dandelion Blossom Syrup is a tried-and-true, best-selling recipe that I’ve borrowed from my favorite herbalist Susun Weed. In her book, Healing Wise, she mentions the specific ability of dandelion blossoms to freshen tired skin and lift the spirits. When it…

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