Meet St. Joan’s Wort

I am always ecstatic when I get to meet a new plant – an energetic signature that I’ve never felt growing in-between my hands before, new opportunities to crouch down and disappear in fields of golden hypericum blossoms and listen…

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In Defense of the Weeds!

Ouch! You don’t have to pull so hard…Oh no! Not my beautiful blossoms…You’re not just going to throw that away, are you? Roots and all? If only we could hear our weeds speaking to us, they might sway our opinion…

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Wildcrafting the Wise Woman Way

Three words: Reverence. Ethical. Beauty. Reverence When you are embarking on your spring wildcrafting weed walk, do a short meditation to set a positive and compassionate intention. Visualize yourself walking in the forest, noticing the birds, the squirrels, the tiny,…

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