Take the pledge: 30 days of Zero Waste


Ryan Erickson, our official Zero Waste mascot, holds a regular light-bulb that can’t be recycled! Next time, buy the energy efficient bulbs – they save energy AND they can be recycled, too! 

I started reducing the waste that my household purchases and produces as a new year’s resolution for 2017…some things are easy, like recycling and composting more, and some things are definitely not as easy as I had hoped – like giving up our favorite brand of pre-packaged organic blue chips, and finding the extra cash to buy bulk foods (for which we have to go to to a different market as our regular neighborhood store doesn’t offer bulk foods). And speaking of money, we still rely on our local food pantry once a month…where nearly everything is prepackaged!

How to live simply and sustainably…and in the real world?

Your tips, tricks, old hat, good advice and tried-and-true are most welcome! Take The Holistic Homestead’s 30 day challenge to zero waste by commenting below with ONE simple thing YOU will start doing TODAY to reduce waste for your health, and the health of our planet!


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