The Bhakti Path

Bhakti is the Sanskrit word for love. But this word, Bhakti, encompasses so much more. Bhakti is one of the key elements on the path of Yoga, Yoga being not just a series of physical movements or postures, but a complete path of life-mastery. What if we chose LOVE as our path from here on out? What if the themes covered in the last nine days of our online retreat could form an outline, a pedagogy if you will, for the rest of your life?

Mystics, saints and bodhisattvas of many traditions have done just this. They have understood God, or Enlightenment, or whatever the ultimate goal of the spiritual journey is called, to be LOVE in it’s most fundamental and universal sense. May we embrace LOVE as the foundation of our lives, may we walk the Bhakti path together.

Today’s offering is from Ayurvedic healer, Yoga teacher and Vibrational therapy practitioner Brenda Campbell, who’s inspiring presence can be found online at; and in person TODAY, Friday, February 19th, the last day of our Winter Retreat – at Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center in Nederland, Colorado. If you are in town, please join us for this special event.

brenda campbell“Bhakti is one of the four paths of yoga.  Bhakti means Love, Devotion, Adoration.

The Bhakti Path is the path to realization through adoration of a personal god.

 ” When, through your practice, you have reached a higher state of intelligence, and that mature intelligence makes you lose the identity of the self, you become one with God because you surrender yourself to Him. ”   from Tree of Yoga

Let Go Let God :)))

Mr. Iyengar also says : “The impurities of the mind are washed off in the waters of bhakti (adoration).”

“To overcome the deadly but attractive spell of sensual objects, one needs the insulation of adoration (bhakti) by recalling to his mind the Creator who made the objects of his desire. “

Simply stated: Bhakti is LOVE & DEVOTION   :)”

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