The only wholly safe vaccine…

“The only wholly safe vaccine is the vaccine that is never used.” 

-Dr. J. Shannon, National Institues of Health, June 23, 1955

(as quoted in Natural Baby – Healthy Child by Dr. Murray Clarke)

One of the local mailing lists I get recently published this comment…

So tonight when I was doing a little research and this is what I found….kinda makes me sick 🙁
But I feel we should know what is going on, I have not checked all sources on this but I feel I should still share…
The Tripedia DTP vaccine listed SIDS and Autism as ‘side effects’ on it’s package inserts.

For some, this is nothing new.  For others, this may be a shocking revelation.  Still others may claim this as some kind of left-wing propaganda.  What do you think?

Vaccination is such a hot-button topic in this country, I’ve kept my distance from this topic, as far as I could…but I wanted to give my readers, and the local parents here in my rural mountain town who are talking about it, some resources to make your own decisions.

For every parent who is following this blog, and for anyone who works with children in any capacity, please start by reading Natural Baby – Healthy Child by Dr. Murray Clarke (or check out my review here).  According to his colleague and my friend, Dr. Kathleen Fry, the chapter (and Appendix) on vaccination is worth the whole book.  Here’s what Dr. Clarke has to say about DTP:

DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) is known as a “multivalent vaccination” which means our children are being exposed to multiple diseases in one shot.  “…it is unheard of for a person to contract measles and mumps or whooping cough and diphtheria simultaneously.  When, in nature, would your child be exposed to diptheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, hepatitis B and influenza all on the same day, within the same minute?  Yet that’s exactly what happens when a child is given multiple vaccines.  When three, four or even six vaccines for such diseases are given during one office visit (e.g., DTaP, polio, Hep B, Hib), they create unprecedented stress and confusion within a young child’s immune and detoxification systems. The risk of detrimental consequences increases exponentially when multiple vaccines are administered routinely and at short intervals.” (p 146)

For a comprehensive and honest examination of vaccinations and the adverse affects, track down a book called DPT: A Shot In The Dark by Harris Coulter and Barbara Fisher-Loe.

Vaccines are not just “dead” virus material, they are chock full of chemical preservatives, animal and human genetic material, latex, MSG, formaldehyde, nanobacteria (etc, etc…) and potentially dangerous levels of contamination – a well-documented and common occurrence in the DPT vaccines.

Vaccines are the only FDA approved drug that is not required to undergo “clinical trials” before being marketed to the general public.

A pamphlet that I received on my last visit to the pediatrician stated: “Vaccines are completely safe…adverse effects have been reported from Thi0mersol, a mercury containing preservative…however, Thi0mersol has been removed from most vaccines.”  But consider this excerpt from Wikipedia:

Following a review of mercury-containing food and drugs mandated in 1999, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics asked vaccine manufacturers to remove thiomersal from vaccines as a purely precautionary measure, and it was rapidly phased out of most U.S. and European vaccines.[7][23] Many parents saw the action to remove thiomersal—in the setting of a perceived increasing rate of autism as well as increasing number of vaccines in the childhood vaccination schedule—as indicating that the preservative was the cause of autism.[7] The scientific consensus is that there is no scientific evidence supporting these claims, including the observation that the rate of autism continues to climb despite elimination of thiomersal from routine childhood vaccines.[24][25][26] Major scientific and medical bodies such as the Institute of Medicine[26] andWorld Health Organization[27] as well as governmental agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration[6] and the CDC[28] reject any role for thiomersal in autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders.[29] This controversy has caused harm due to parents attempting to treat their autistic children with unproven and possibly dangerous treatments, discouraging parents from vaccinating their children due to fears about thiomersal toxicity[30] and diverting resources away from research into more promising areas for the cause of autism.[31] Thousands of lawsuits have been filed in a U.S. federal court to seek damages from alleged toxicity from vaccines, including those purportedly caused by thiomersal.[32]

So, what do you think?  Share your opinions, your research or your personal experiences on the Holistic Homestead.


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