top 10 reasons to do a Spring Cleanse

10. You have “mystery” symptoms like chronic fatigue, wandering pain, poor digestion/assimilation, poor focus or mental concentration, irritability, nerve pain or damage, metabolism too fast or too slow, fainting spells and dizziness. Symptom pictures that regular doctor’s don’t understand often come from underlying inflammation and chronic stress. Don’t ignore these symptoms just because your doctor doesn’t know how to “diagnose” you! Cleansing helps you slow down and listen closely to your body’s signals, empowering you to make positive changes to take charge of your health.

9. You have allergies – severe, chronic, or acute, and simple – cleansing can help you discover more directly what the underlying cause of your allergic reactions are.

8. If you have any auto-immune disorders: RA, lupus, MS, celiac, or any others. Reducing inflammation gives the immune system a break, and can alleviate many of the symptoms involved with autoimmune disease.

pexels-photo-262876.jpeg7. Weight loss – you will definitely lose weight on any cleanse or diet, but pay attention to why you lost the weight, and consider incorporating some of the healthy lifestyle choices you tried during the cleanse.

6. Reboot your system – follow nature’s lead by cleaning out the nooks and crannies of accumulated dust and junk from your system when winter turns to spring.

5. Healthier skin – the skin is the largest organ of the human body, and so important for elimination and cleansing. After a good cleanse, your skin may be softer, better hydrated, and glowing.

pexels-photo-792994.jpeg4. Your eyes and tongue will also look clearer, your vision may improve, your sense of taste will be heightened, and symptoms like bad breath and body odor will also improve.

3. Out with the old, in with the new: spring cleansing is a personal spring cleaning from the inside out. Use this Spring Cleanse as an opportunity to compost old emotions, memories, habits and perceptions that no longer serve your highest purpose.

2. Any early stages of organ dysfunction including liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and colon. If your doctor has recently suggested that you may have issues with any of these organs, talk to her about the benefits of cleansing.

pexels-photo-459728.jpeg1. Heavy metal and environmental toxicity: even for those of us with impeccable lifestyles, the air we breathe and the water we drink is increasingly contaminated with heavy metals like lead and mercury, and toxins like trace amounts of arsenic and chemicals from herbicides and cosmetics. These toxins can overwhelm the body’s systems of elimination, forcing our bodies to store them in our fat cells until they can be safely removed by the body’s natural processes. Cleansing encourages this natural process, freeing your body from the burden heavy metals, toxins and chemicals put on our bodies.

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