True Health: It’s all about Sustainability

Politics aside, any nationwide healthcare system – as an organized attempt of a nation to truly care for its citizens, that is – must ultimately consider it’s sustainability, it’s ability to care for human beings who are born, get sick, and will die.

Now that we’re all on the same page…what about local, community health systems? How do we each create, inspire, and sustain local systems, at the community level, that provide health care options through every cycle of human life? Health is not simply the absence of disease, it is a dynamic dance of moving through life, illness and death. These are the essential ingredients that make us all so beautiful, so precious, so unique.

From our inception, The Holistic Homestead has been dedicated to sustainability – what is our place in the local ecosystem? How can we contribute more than we take away? We started using only recycled bottles and locally wildcrafted herbs. As we expand, we seek recycled and recyclable materials for our packaging, and responsibly source our herbs from ethically wildcrafted, or biodynamically grown sources (like Dynamic Roots & Alpine Botanicals amazing permaculture inspired biodynamic farms and greenhouses!)

Our greatest ambition is to open a co-operative market and wellness center in the heart of Gilpin County, Colorado – a rural, isolated community of about 6,000 residents. At this moment, I can’t imagine the Homestead shipping our branding around the world, or creating a franchise. No – that’s not where we’re heading. Rather, we are offering an example of a successful model that grows organically out of the needs of a community, and at every step asks whether we are sustainable, if we are truly serving our neighbors, and how we can deepen our integrity and connection with Mother Earth, with our neighbors, and with our children’s children’s children.

Yes – that is where we are going, and we are so grateful to have you with us on this amazing journey! On that note, The Homestead is proud to be participating in the first gathering of Gilpin residents to vision a “sustainable Gilpin County” tonight at the Gilpin Library at 6:30. Building sustainable community models encompasses much more than access to healthy food and health care, but the Homestead is committed to holding that piece of the puzzle.

What are YOU doing in your neighborhood to connect…? to build healthy communities…? to envision sustainability and catalyze change…? Let us know in the comments below!


With my kiddo at the Nederland Farmer’s Market

Autumnal blessings, Arwen Ek, Executive Director

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