Upcoming review: Kill the Silence by Monika Korra

If you’ve been following the monthly book reviews…you’re probably wondering what I’ve been reading for the past three months?

kill the silenceThis time I went for a real challenge, not in length but in content with Kill the Silence: A Survivor’s Live Reclaimed by Monika Korra. What really caught my attention was this quote on the back cover:

“I was victimized, but I refuse to be called a victim.

I’ve been sad, but I won’t let anyone feel sorry for me anymore.

I’ve been raped, but I will never let that define who I am.”

Author Monika Korra is incredibly courageous in sharing the story of her rape and recovery in such potent, unapologetic detail. I knew this was a book that I needed to read for my own healing from being a victim of violent crime…I felt this would become a template for my own recovery, and eventually being able to share my own journey with as much brilliant honesty.

Please read the upcoming review which will be published live within hours. Please like, comment and share. I have found immense strength and profound healing in Monika’s story, I hope you will, too.

Blessings, Arwen

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