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Since committing to this Zero Waste thing…I’ve found it’s a lot harder than it looks. How about “Less Waste” for starters? One of the first things we did in our household was to say “NO!” to plastic diapers. Our 3 year old, who has been struggling with potty training, was upset at first. “But I don’t like cloth diapers!” Well, guess what? Three days of NO more disposable plastic diapers and back in the bulky, awkward and not always 100% absorbent cloth diapers and NOW we have a fully potty-trained kiddo.

(taking a moment to pat myself on the back, here)

The average American throws away 4.6 pounds of trash A DAY. 

That’s twice as much as individuals in other countries. 

Most of that trash ends up in landfills where it takes hundreds of years to decompose. 

We are running out of space for all this trash. 

Strive to be “Below Average”

Watch this video to see how really easy it is to reduce your carbon footprint starting TODAY, for the health of the planet, your community and your family!

After implementing these four basic steps toward zero waste, we’ve gotten our landfill impact down to 30 pounds in one month. That’s one 30 gallon, plastic trash bag filled just enough so I can still tie it closed and carry it out. (I’m estimating the weight based on the fact that I can barely lift my 32 pound 3 year old, and a full trash bag weighs almost as much). That’s ONE pound of trash per day for a household of 3!

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