What is this Spring Cleanse, anyway?

This is our fifth year of hosting our annual Spring Cleanse! So, what is it, anyway?

Our Spring Cleanse is presented in two different formats – online, and in-person – at three different levels: gentle, intermediate, and deep/advanced. Here at the Homestead, we believe in HOLISTIC cleansing – honoring the needs of the body and spirit, while giving our body systems a much needed rest, and ‘reset’.

GENTLE: Also for the beginner cleanser, this is the kindest way to give your body a break by eschewing caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, gluten, dairy, all non-medically necessary drugs and supplements; and increasing fluid and fiber intake, with some probiotics for good measure.

INTERMEDIATE: The middle-path of cleansing integrates reduced caloric intake, increased fiber and fluid intake with probiotics, and lots of good rest. We encourage steam baths and detoxifying wraps and soaks, and gentle cleansing yoga to get the most benefit.

DEEP/ADVANCED: This is a path for the experienced cleanser, where we offer some advanced tips and tricks for undertaking a fast of 24 hours or more, and outline a few of the most popular cleansing programs (with their benefits and drawbacks). The experienced cleanser will also benefit from the daily inspirational quotes and supportive cleansing community.



ONLINE ONLY: For those who do not live along the Peak to Peak Highway or on Colorado’s Front Range, we recommend the online only module which consists of daily inspirational quotes and recipes, and access to our online community of cleansers for support during our week of spring cleansing. Registering for the online module is on a donation basis.

IN PERSON & ONLINE: When you register for either of the in-person juicing/smoothie parties (or “The Whole Sha-Bang”) you are automatically included in the online module. The in-person benefits include meeting fellow cleansers, hearing other cleansing stories and preferred methods, and purchasing any cleansing supplies directly from the Homestead (like Apple Cider Vinegar, maple syrup, lemons, and more!)

No matter your level or interest, this cleanse has something for everyone. As a nonprofit dedicated to improving the wellness of all, we believe strongly in educating folks about the importance of giving our body systems a good rest, and the opportunity to effectively eliminate the toxins that build up in the nooks and crannies over the winter months. 

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