Why are you a member of the Homestead?

As a membership based and volunteer powered nonprofit, we are truly blessed to count over 70 people in our active membership! The benefits of membership are many, including 10% off at our market, participation in the CSA, free events and more!

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There are so many reasons to be a part of the growing grassroots health and wellness movement – some join to take advantage of our wellness programming, many join to participate in the CSA, others know they are lending their energy to an honest, hard-working and caring nonprofit, working to improve our community from the ground up.

We asked some of our current members and sponsors to tell us why they support the Homestead, and wanted to share the feel-good fuzzies with y’all today:

Because I know the Holistic Homestead is out to do good things in a responsible manner.

Also, and less altruistic reason, you have great product and I love using it!


Jeff and Susan Green co-owners of the Very Nice Brewing Company in Nederland, Colorado just celebrated their third year of brewing locally inspired craft beers

-Jeffrey Green, co-creator of Very Nice Brewing Co in Nederland


I am a member because I want to be connected to other healers in the community and a part of the ongoing conversation of how we can take back control of our health, help support each other, and connect community members with experienced health professionals who think in both long and short term strategies. I love that Arwen is an herbalist herself, and a mama, and that this organization is really about providing the care and knowledge that is needed for a true health care system, as opposed to our existing system based on short term band-aid strategies alone. 1521677101839

-Kate Miller, CEO Alpine Botanicals in Nederland


The reasons I support The Holistic Homestead fall in this order: Because Arwen, hummus, and raspberry leaf tea!!!12322895_978725892222502_7934204004096203055_o

-Michael Adkins, michaeladkinsphoto.com

Why are you a member? Share your story below!

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