Why everyone needs Farmers Markets

Believe it or not, The Holistic Homestead STARTED as a very small “farmers market” with our roadside tent, and then a few friends would join us with their tents on holiday weekends. By 2016 we were hosting regular “Farmers Markets” in Gilpin County with a goal to support small, local businesses, build healthy communities and promote wellness.

YEAH, we’ve been doing the Farmers Market thing in Gilpin County for 5 years!

Since then, our Farmers Markets have grown into our brick-and-mortar year-round indoor/outdoor Farmers Market at the Holistic Homestead, in the <3 HEART <3 of Gilpin County.

Even with our dedicated retail space, however, we are still committed to putting on larger open-air markets so you can meet the vendors directly, listen to the stories behind the amazing products and services that your neighbors do, support small, local businesses, listen to great local live music, eat great local food and enjoy a beautiful summer day in the mountains all in one go!

The Holistic Homestead is currently seeking a partnership with our County Government to ensure the Farmers Markets continue going and growing for everyone to benefit! Why do we need County Government support?

  • Without significant sponsorships putting on large, open-air Farmers Markets are cost-prohibitive, and not sustainable by just one organization. County property should be accessible and affordable to local nonprofits for putting on events that benefit the community.
  • More outreach and visibility into the community – for example, using the Parks & Rec marquee and County Highway signs to announce the event.
  • Local businesses benefit by more traffic
  • Small, independent and cottage industries have a reliable outlet for growing ideas
  • Booth fees remain low to encourage more vendors

Farmers Markets are defined by PLACE.

We would like to start calling our Farmers Markets the “Gilpin County Farmers Market” because that is where we are (and that is what everyone in the community calls it, anyway). What makes Gilpin unique? What are the people like here and what are our shared values? Farmers Markets showcase the flavor of a place in time that is unlike anywhere else, they build healthier communities, and strengthen local economies.

Enjoy this 3 minute video recap of our 4th of July Weekend Farmers Market, with compelling information from the Farmers Market Coalition about why Farmers Markets are so important for everyone!

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