Wild Rose Flower Essence

Summer came late to the Colorado Rockies with an unseasonably cool and wet spring. While all the wild edible and medicinal herbs were about a month behind peak harvest, nature works on her own schedule and with her own wisdom. Late July finally saw the benefits of our patience exploding in color and fragrance with our favorite wildflowers – ladyslipper, arnica, violet, columbine, geranium, and what a year for the wild roses!

While I have been wildcrafting the wild plants for food and medicine since childhood, I have never worked with the extremely subtle art of flower essences. Flower petals are so delicate the beauty and fragrance is easily lost in a tea, and doesn’t transfer easily to the harsh treatment of alcohol. How to harness and preserve the beauty and healing power of rosa acicularis?

All it took was a gentle nudge from a dear friend to get me out into my garden, gently plucking rose petals in the fullness of their summer blossom, to discover the magic of working with rose essence.

Freshly picked pink wild rose petals floating in water inside a blue wooden bowl.

Rose essence is well known to work with the heart chakra – gently opening, releasing trauma, and discovering love and beauty right where you are. This rose essence was made by allowing freshly wildcrafted wild mountain rose petals to float in a scrying bowl full of fresh mountain spring water under the late summer full moon and starlight. The petals were gently strained, and a small amount of brandy was added to preserve the essence.

This a “mother tincture” from which one may receive the healing powers of rose flower essence by taking one drop under the tongue, touching one drop to the pulse points or chakra centers of the body, anointing one’s lover, or holding the bottle to your heart to absorb and radiate the warmth of your body.

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