Winter Retreat 2014: Come As You Are

As a new mama, I have struggled with keeping my spiritual practice as strong as it used to be. When do full time parents have time to meditate? Or full time students or working professionals for that matter? Every day we are faced with the challenge of making ends meet, and even the thought of setting aside five minutes for contemplation, for reflection, or even just for a slow cup of tea seems impossible.

Winter Retreat 2014 is designed for just the occasion when there isn’t enough time. There is nowhere special to go, except to your computer for the daily inspiration. There is nothing really to do, except to consider trying some of the exercises and meditations that will be offered throughout the week. And there is no one special to be – except for yourself!

So, if it really is that easy, how will you make this retreat meaningful, powerful and fruitful? Here are some tips to make the most of this opportunity –

  • Plan ahead. Set aside five minutes every day to dedicate to your retreat. Tell your family about your intention to spend a little time every day for one week in a quiet and peaceful space – you can even invite your family to join in! First thing in the morning is the easiest time for me to have to myself, before the hustle and bustle and busyness of the day gets going. I’ll be joining you in my pj’s!
  • Try everything at least once. Consider this week’s offerings like a spiritual buffet. I will be sharing some of the very diverse practices, prayers, meditations, breathing exercises and bodywork that I have been taught, and that I have used myself over the years. Some of my teachers and colleagues will also be contributing, and you will be able to read their offerings throughout the week. You will naturally resonate with certain practices more than others. That’s okay. The idea is to give you some tools for your spiritual toolbox that you can keep and use when you need them, or even to incorporate into your daily routine.
  • Make it your own. Think about what helps you to focus spiritually, what aids you in slowing down, turning inward, unwinding, letting go and opening your heart. A cup of tea? Burning a candle or some incense? Playing spiritual music? Maybe wearing a special shawl? The more you invest into your spiritual practice, into making it unique to your path and tailored to your needs, the more benefit you will get out of it – simple as that.

I am really excited for you to be joining me and the whole community at the Holistic Homestead for our first annual Winter Retreat! I hope that you will find it like the perfect medicine, deeply soothing and thoroughly healing your body, your breath and your mind. Remember that there is a whole online community practicing together, creating a collective energy that is greater than the sum of its parts. Reach out for support if and when you need it – my commitment is to be here for all of you this week to answer your questions and provide encouragement as we practice together. Thank you for your generous spirits and your open hearts, here we go!

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