Winter Retreat 2014

What is health?  How do you define wellness?  At The Holistic Homestead, health and wellness are the dynamic integration of body, mind and spirit.  That’s why we are dedicating one week a year to spiritual health where we will deepen our connection to the spiritual source of our well being.

When: February 23 – March 1

Where: right here, at The Holistic Homestead.

What: Join The Holistic Homestead for our first annual online Winter Retreat.  Sign up to receive daily inspiration to focus on your spiritual health and how it integrates with your total well being.  Simple exercises, breath and body work and meditations from today’s leading spiritual authors and practitioners will offer a structured “retreat” for everybody, no matter how busy you are.  The more people join in, the stronger the energy and the greater the benefit!

more details coming soon…

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