Winter Retreat 2021: Making it from Scratch

Join us for Winter Retreat “Make it from Scratch” February 12-13-14. Our online retreat has all the ingredients you need for a fresh start!

Why do an online retreat?

Are you stuck in a rut?

Does your life need a fresh start?

Have you ever wanted to create a spiritual practice for yourself?

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Join us for our 6th Annual Online Winter Retreat, “Making it from Scratch”. This year, we want to give you inspiration and complete recipes to taste the benefits of integrating simple spiritual practices into your daily life:

  • freedom from addiction
  • resilience & gratitude
  • balance body, mind, & spirit
  • experiencing peace with yourself and the world
  • clarity to see and achieve your goals, dreams, aspirations

This 3-day program includes:

  • guided video meditations
  • daily inspirational readings
  • gentle, physical exercises
  • self-reflection through journaling
  • a personal retreat coach to guide and support you

Click here to register today!

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This event is open to everyone on a donation basis, so that as many people as possible can benefit from learning new life tools and receiving one-on-one support for personal transformation. During this special weekend, you will discover how to harness your innate creativity to solve problems, help others, and achieve freedom, resilience, balance, peace, and clarity.

All proceeds go to the Holistic Homestead, a 501c3 dedicated to improving health and wellness through education, outreach, and advocacy. Learn more at

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