Winter Retreat Day 2: Chi Gong in your PJs

Winter Retreat 2014: Monday, February 24 

Okay, the pajamas are not really necessary, but I usually have more time to myself first thing in the morning, plus Chi Gong is a little easier with loose fitting and free flowing clothes.

Body: Chi Gong is all about circles – connecting the natural circuits of energy that flow within the body in microcosm, and without the body in macrocosm. Sitting on a mat or on your bed, place the soles of your feet together (sitting “butterfly” style). This posture is the first circuit. Next, reach your nose to your toes bending forward as far as you can. Breathe…you have just completed the second circuit. Finally, sitting straight up, place your palms together at your heart. This is the final circuit.

Breath: This simple breathing exercise can be done sitting or standing. Begin by holding your hands in front of your lower abdomen, palms up. Breathing in, slowly raise your palms up to your heart. As you exhale, turn your palms down and press your hands back down toward the base of your abdomen. Repeat slowly, filling and emptying your lungs completely.

breathing in, lift the palms up

breathing in, lift the palms up

breathing out, press the palms down

breathing out, press the palms down










Mind: Enjoy this quote, may it inspire your practice!

“Master Duan dances Qigong. He moves as if entranced in a tango with the Universe.” ~Garri Garripoli, Qigong: Essence of the Healing Dance

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