5 natural ways to pamper Mom on Mother’s Day!

We love our Mothers for every reason under the sun and we want our mamas to have the best. Right now retail store shelves are teeming with “spa-in-a-box” gift sets, which look nice – but look closer: those face masks and foot soaks are full of chemicals!

Save time, money and give the best to your mom with these 5 simple, and all-natural gift ideas!

maldives-ile-beach-sun-37921.jpegFOOT SOAK: This is the all-time classic that is always a winning gift! Ingredients: epsom salt, and your choice of citrus essential oil & dried citrus peel; rose essential oil and dried rose buds and petals; peppermint essential oil & dried peppermint leaves; lavender essential oil & dried lavender flowers. Mix and pour into a glass jar with a lid, tie with a decorative ribbon. Mom can add 1/2 cup of your custom homemade bath salt mixture to 8 to 12 cups of hot water.

woman-girl-beauty-mask.jpgFACE MASK: To moisturize, cover the face with a thin layer of raw honey or mashed up avocado. To tighten and tone, put a cucumber in the blender and apply directly to skin, gently wash off with witch hazel. To cleanse, make a paste of coconut oil, honey, calendula and oatmeal.

pexels-photo-672051.jpegPAIN RELIEF: Rub castor oil over the affected area – back, liver, abdomen (avoid broken and sensitive skin). Fill a hot water bottle with warm water and wrap a towel or cozy around it. Hold hot water bottle over area with castor oil. Soothing music and an eye mask make this a heavenly and healing afternoon nap.

pexels-photo-341514.jpegAROMATHERAPY STEAM: Does your mom suffer from sinus pain, upper respiratory congestion, sore throats, or allergies? Mix any (or all) of the following herbs in a pot of water: mint, mullein, sage, mugwort, mallow, Angelica (approx 1/2 cup herbs to 6 cups of water). Bring water to boil, covered. Cover head with a towel and lean face over the steaming herbs. Add essential oils of eucalyptus or peppermint for extra clearing, anti-microbial powers. You can mix the herbs and present them in a nice glass jar with a ribbon.

HOMESTEAD MOUNTAIN MAMA TEA PARTY! Bring your mama to our Mother’s Day afternoon tea party where she will be pampered with a rose petal foot soak, face mask, chocolate, and herbal tea! This Mother’s Day at the Homestead from 3 to 6 pm. Click here to rsvp today! 

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