Conventional Medicine & Homeopathy: A Can of Worms

Someone sent me a link to an article about the ‘dangers’ of Homeopathy, perhaps out of fear because I advocate the use of Homeopathy for children. Here’s the link to the original article, for my readers who are interested.
Because I believe you, my readers, are intelligent, discerning, and caring, you will decide for yourselves. In a spirit of open dialogue, and to clarify my practice and my position, I wanted to share my response with you, my readers, and encourage continuing an open dialogue with parents and health care practitioners across the disciplines.

Hi Mamas, re: The Science Based Pharmacy link that was posted

Thank you, Craig, for posting the link. I think it is important for all parents to be aware of all the perspectives and resources available to help us raise the healthiest and happiest children we can. The more openly we can dialogue about health issues the better we can take care of our kids.

First, I am not an MD, and I make a point of deferring to conventional medicine, ESPECIALLY when it comes to children. I encourage everyone who contacts me about treating their children to consult with their pediatrician first. I am always happy to collaborate with other health professionals in the best interest of the client. I have training as a First Responder, in addition to Homeopathy, Herbalism, Wilderness Medicine, Nutrition and Kinesiology. I am passionate about preventative medicine, and pursuing courses in Nursing.

Second, I use herbs nutritionally and homeopathics to support overall well being. I began studying Homeopathy in 2008 when I was given a remedy that worked, where conventional treatment had not. Since then I have witnessed the amazing healing that is possible with homeopathy again and again. Homeopathic remedies are regulated by the FDA; Homeopathic hospitals are the mainstay of health care in India, France and Greece; Homeopathic medicine is practiced in tandem by MDs in conventional hospitals everywhere in the world – except in the US. In my practice I do not claim to prevent, diagnose, or treat any condition, illness or disease. For simple things like the common cold or flu, for recurring and non-life threatening skin conditions, and for things like difficult concentration, lethargy, weight gain or loss, gout and arthritis, allergies, and certain lung conditions, or to achieve a greater sense of health – I have successfully used herbs and homeopathic remedies to help restore well being in my clients.

Third, it must be acknowledged that conventional medicine is so important for our standard of living, and has developed proven, life saving therapies. I see no contradiction in using every available resource in the pursuit of health and well being. More resources means more options means more opportunities to find a practitioner or a therapy or modality that works for each individual. That is basically the model of holistic healing in a nutshell.

Finally: As passionate as I am about preventative and holistic medicine, conventional medicine is absolutely appropriate and a vital partner in taking care of our kids. My own son was born with a congenital disease that required surgery when he was only two days old. Common complications relating to his condition unfortunately require multiple trips to the ER, and many, many, courses of antibiotics…and he’s only five months old. As heartbreaking as it is for me as a mother, I know that without conventional intervention, without the training and support of his many many doctors and surgeons at Denver Children’s, and without the close care and attention of the nurses and pediatricians that he sees on a regular basis, he would not be with us in this world. I use homeopathics to help with painful teething, and use acupressure and massage to help ‘manage’ his condition…but when his temperature gets up to 101…I’m on the phone with the hospital and calling an ambulance. You just don’t mess around with sick kiddos, they are sooo fragile and when they are sick they get better or worse FAST, you are taking their temperature every fifteen minutes, you are measuring the ounces of food, you are writing everything down and on the phone with your doctor. I have never and will never advocate Homeopathy or Herbs IN PLACE of conventional medicine, I believe they should work together. Antibiotics ARE abused in this culture, but there are absolutely cases where antibiotics are life-saving – I know this from my own experience.

So…(sorry for the novella, brevity is not my forte!) I encourage all parents to be as knowledgeable and as empowered as possible about their kiddos and about the resources that are available to them to keep their kids healthy and safe. Parents are the #1 experts on their kids…trust your instincts and don’t wait to seek professional medical help.

We are truly blessed to live in a community with many talented and caring healers – there is a wonderful diversity of acupuncturists, herbalists, kinesiologists, homeopaths and massage therapists, not to mention some highly recommended Naturopathic Doctors and midwives – all with busy, successful practices. We are also fortunate to have Dr. Camarata and Simpson Dentistry, to have the Nederland Fire Protection District, volunteers and staff alike, to have Boulder Community Hospital 20 minutes away, and Denver Children’s Hospital which is one of the best hospitals in the country. Their commitment to our community makes us stronger, smarter and healthier, and we can only benefit from their experience, and availability to help us in our times of need.

If any mamas or papas would like to continue this conversation, or have questions, comments or concerns please feel free to e-mail me directly:

Thank you. Sincerely, Arwen Greer

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