How to get FREE Medical Equipment

two women standing with a knee walker

“No man is an island…” said John Donne in his famous poem, and more so for nonprofits. There are over 60 registered nonprofits in the Peak to Peak region, and each little success uplifts the entire community.

That’s why the Mountain Forum for Peace has sponsored our Used Durable Medical Equipment Program since 2016! This program started when I dislocated my shoulder and needed a sling. The local doctor gave me a sling for free, “Just bring it back when you’re done.” Turns out he kept a small inventory of equipment for his patients, recognizing the pragmatic realities of rural, mountain living: isolation and risk.

After doing some research I learned that a few other local organizations kept small closets with handy things like walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, arm slings, toilet risers, shower chairs and more! It was obvious that our community needed to know about these resources, and that we needed a way to share information so if one closet didn’t have something, they could quickly find who did.

The ultimate goal is to build networks that support thriving, resilient communities! Grant funding from the Mountain Forum for Peace ensures that we are able to continue tracking inventory, doing community outreach, and purchasing new equipment! THANK YOU MOUNTAIN FORUM FOR PEACE! CLICK HERE to learn more about this wonderful nonprofit that has been making the world a more peaceful and equitable place since 1985!

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