Power Lunch is ON this Summer

When nonprofits work together, the power is multiplied exponentially.

Power to change, power to transform, power to heal. That is what the United Power Operation Round Up and the Holistic Homestead are doing together to FEED OUR COMMUNITY!

The pay-what-you-can cafe has been growing steadily since we launched in March of 2021! The idea is simple: use the fresh, locally sourced, organic ingredients from the Market to FEED OUR COMMUNITY hot healthy meals that everyone can afford! There is no set menu, and there are no prices. What you can depend on is coming in every weekend and walking out with a delicious and deeply nourishing meal for you and your family.

There are a handful of folks who cannot afford to eat amazing vegan or vegetarian meals, or who don’t have full kitchens to store and prepare healthy meals. There are also plenty of folks in Gilpin County who don’t have any options for a healthy vegetarian, gluten free meal – and so they take their business outside of Gilpin County, or don’t eat as well. The Homestead Cafe is the answer to all of this: providing healthy meals 3 days a week with no asking price. Dine in or take out, and occasionally we are able to pre-pack grab-and-go meals in our cooler.

Some folks put a few bucks in the jar, some folks volunteer to break down boxes, take out the trash, or catch up on dishes. And guess what? It turns out that more folks put a little extra in the jar because they know they are paying it forward.

This business model depends on the inherent kindness, honesty, and generosity of a community to keep going…..and it’s working!

ANNOUNCING WEEKDAY POWER LUNCH brought to you by the United Power Round Up Foundation!

Now, thanks to generous support from United Power, our Pay-What-You-Can Farm-to-Table Cafe is serving simple, fresh, delicious meals EVERY DAY THAT WE ARE OPEN! Stop in for a cheese plate, a gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a fresh veggie wrap made to order. Thank you United Power Operation Round Up!

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